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Woodstock Zenergy Duo Chime for Meditating or Home

Zenergy Meditation Chime Double


This small but powerful sounding chime was produced by Woodstock Percussion, a US-based company known worldwide for their professionally tuned superior sounding chimes.

Made from solid Ash wood with a light cherry finish, and featuring two polished aluminium rods, this chime measures 18 cm in length. Perfect for having around the home, whether for assisting with meditation and relaxation, or calling the family to the dinner table. The chime is built to last and makes a thoughtful and interesting gift idea. 

The rods on this chime are both tuned to almost the same pitch. When both rods are struck at the same time, this creates an acoustic phenomenon known as "beating". The rods will seem to resonate with the same pitch, but you will also be able to hear a distinct pulsating rhythm of around twelve beats a second. This sound helps to calm and refocus the mind. For best results strike the rods gently with the mallet provided, being careful not to let the mallet rest on the rod after striking as this will dampen the note. 


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